Interview with Simon Rattle (in German)

Rattle und Nelsons: “Man braucht einen Psychiater!” | Kultur | ZEIT ONLINE.

Rattle: Bei Wagner braucht man immer einen Psychiater, und in gewisser Weise macht er krank, ja. Früher oder später kommt man an den Punkt, dass man sich der narkotischen Wirkung seiner Musik, dem Rausch nicht mehr entziehen kann. Als ich meinen ersten Tristan dirigierte, stand ein Eimer neben dem Pult: Ich hatte das Gefühl, das ist das Tollste, Irrste, was ich je erlebt habe – und gleich muss ich mich übergeben.


Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks – music and chance

Here are two performances of Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks:

And now a little quiz – which one did you like more? If you chose the second version, we’re in the same club – I really really enjoy the fireworks that are to be heard in the background (and sometimes – foreground!) of the music.

There exists a term in musical terminology of ‘aleatoric music’ where some of the end result is left to chance. The most extreme example is of course ‘4’33’ by Cage, where everything is left to chance – the silence is never the same and cannot be repeated. Which in fact brings us to the conclusion that every kind of live musical performance is in a sense aleatoric – you will never listen to the same composition twice in a concert hall – if you count into your experience the whole ambiance, the sneezing and coughing, people shifting in their chairs and sometimes even – mobile phones going off at a very inappropriate moments. But – surprisingly – I do not mind it. I am not a purist in this sense – a live performance is for me just this – (a)live performance – I am interested in the whole situation of which music is a part, a big one, but it fills a space with people, so what happens around music is also interesting and creates a special moment – never to be repeated.

Lucero Tena

If there is one person that always makes my heart explode with awe, admiration, love and all kinds of good feelings it is the amazing, wonderful, unique Lucero Tena

M. Falla. La vida breve.Danza española nº 1. a 

 Geronimo Gimenez La boda de Luís Alonso. 


To understand why I appreciate Lucero Tena so much it is enough for me to compare the above with the performance of Carmen de Vincente, which is surely perfect, but leaves me completely unaffected emotionally: